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As a Wolfpack member for about a year now I have accumulated quite a bit of physical metal not only from regular monthly orders, but from the occasional flash sale purchase of higher quality coins as well. Since I intend to keep receiving orders well into the future, I would like to start keeping it all organized neatly and safely, beyond just a box in my closet. However, as a frugal investor I want to avoid getting suckered into buying overly priced binders, coin sleeves, portfolios, safes etc and wasting money on storage that would be much better spent investing.

Any chance you guys could recommend some kind of retailer (website, second-hand store, pawn shop etc) for a budget-minded hobbyists/collector of gold & silver to turn to for storage products or ideas?

(ps. I literally just sent Tony/Kenzie an email asking this very question before discovering this discussion group.. so hoping you guys don’t answer my 2 redundant queries.)



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The Pack

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