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If you are wondering how cbdc, the internet, and UBI can be connected then here you go. It depends on multi level marketing to be successful. I don't understand how the AI is going to make enough money to pay for societal idleness.

Cody Nelson

Ahh somehow, I already posted to the Bullion Bulletin, I was supposed to schedule this for tomorrow. Sorry, it's so late I've been working on this since this morning.


🐺💎 Hey Packmates, Ready for a Treasure Hunt of Knowledge?

As part of our precious Wolfpack Gold community, we know you're eager to unearth more than shiny metals. Knowledge, after all, is the greatest treasure! So, let's get the conversation started with some curious queries.

1️⃣ The Artistry of Precious Metals: Do you ever wonder about the craftsmanship that goes into designing the intricate details on coins and bars? What aspects of coin design intrigue you the most?

2️⃣ The Journey of Goldbacks: Goldbacks are a modern marvel and a nod to historical practices. How much do you know about these unique gold notes, and what would you love to learn more about?



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