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At Wolf Pack Gold, our mission is to empower individuals with knowledge and help them accumulate gold and silver on a routine basis for effective dollar cost averaging. Founded by Tony Arterburn, owner of Wise Wolf Gold and Silver Exchange, our company was born from a vision to simplify the process of stacking precious metals for both first-time buyers and experienced stackers.

Leading our dedicated team is Tony Arterburn, our CEO, whose passion for providing a seamless stacking experience drives our company forward. Assisting him is Kenzie, who handles operations, curates invoices, and sources coins and bars for our subscriptions. We value the input of our Wolf Pack Members and constantly strive to enhance our platform based on their valuable recommendations. Our Pro Packers, Patience and Chancy, meticulously pack all Wolf Pack orders and ensure smooth communication with our members.

What sets us apart is our exceptional team and business model. As a small and agile company, we minimize overhead costs, allowing us to pass on better value to our members. We take pride in curating each subscription every month, sourcing a diverse range of precious metals to provide unparalleled variety and value.

Rest assured, authenticity is our top priority. Every item included in a Wolf Pack subscription undergoes rigorous testing for genuineness. We source our metals from reputable wholesalers nationwide, continuously expanding our network to offer a wide selection of products. Additionally, we actively purchase precious metals from the public, often incorporating these items into our subscriptions to enhance value and savings.

At Wolf Pack Gold, we prioritize our members and value their feedback. Kenzie welcomes both positive and constructive input to ensure that every subscription reflects members' preferences. Your satisfaction matters to us, and we strive to deliver a diverse assortment of gold and silver to bolster the strength of your stack. This variety empowers our members, providing flexibility should they ever need to sell their precious metals.

Join Wolf Pack today and experience the difference between a dedicated team, expertly curated subscriptions, and a commitment to your success in the world of precious metals.

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