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Where Stacking Made Easy Begins

Experience the ease of building your precious metals collection with our expertly curated bullion subscription service. Every gold and silver subscription tier is a golden ticket to a mix of gold and silver assets, meticulously selected each month to diversify and elevate your holdings.

Our bullion subscription boxes may contain a variety of precious metal assets, including but not limited to 1-gram and 1/2-gram gold bars or coins, unique goldbacks, coveted silver coins like Buffalos, Canadian Maples, and American Silver Eagles, as well as silver bars from esteemed refineries such as Asahi and Valcambi. To add even more value to your gold and silver subscription, we also include trustworthy generic rounds and bars!

How Wolf Pack
Subscriptions Work

Wolf Pack Gold Monthly Subscription to precious metals

Choose the Perfect Tier for You

Select from our range of five tiers, designed to suit different budgets and investment goals. Explore options ranging from $50 to $1,000 per month, ensuring a tier aligns with your needs.

Transparency at Its Core

At Wolf Pack Gold, we value transparency. Each subscription box includes an invoice and a comparison invoice, demonstrating our commitment to openness. We showcase our prices and fees, allowing you to see the value we offer compared to other online retailers.

Invoice from Wolf Pack Gold and price comparison
Wolf Pack Gold will always ship your gold and silver discretely.

Discrete Shipping

We prioritize your privacy. Rest assured that our shipping is always discrete, ensuring your precious metals arrive safely and securely. Shipments take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, providing you with timely delivery.

Why Choose Wolf Pack Gold?

At Wolf Pack Gold, we understand that convenience and savings are the driving factors behind joining a subscription. That's why we deliver both. With our Stacking Made Easy approach, you can enjoy the simplicity of our subscription service. No more overwhelming choices or monthly decisions. Simply sign up and select a tier that fits your budget. Unlike other platforms, we offer a wide range of options across our 5 tiers: $50 Lone Wolf, $125 Warrior Wolf, $250 Alpha Wolf, $500 Wise Wolf, and $1,000 Sage Wolf. Whether you're starting small or aiming higher, all our tiers provide access to gold and silver, with higher tiers offering more consistent gold availability. Even Lone Wolves can now acquire gold through the introduction of Goldbacks. We prioritize transparency by including a comparison invoice alongside our invoice, so you can see the savings and shipping costs. Our commitment to maximizing the value in every subscription means we charge only the exact amount that credit card companies charge us to process the transaction. Join us in stacking precious metals, a reliable hedge against inflation and uncertain times. With routine purchases through our subscription, you'll automatically engage in dollar cost averaging, building your financial resilience. Take the first step today and subscribe to Wolf Pack Gold, where we offer the gold standard in precious metals subscriptions!

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Member Feedback

Hear directly from our valued members about their satisfaction with our services.

"Easy to order and fast shipping.  Beautiful product! Tony and Kenzie are jewels to deal with and won't let you down. Their integrity is always appreciated."


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